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Stay home with Font Oasis

Clean, safe water delivery to your home

Water delivery service

As we all know, “Stay home” is currently the best way to fight the Coronavirus. However, water is one of those things we must always have at home, which unfortunately forces us to go to the supermarket every now and then.
At Font Oasis, we are fully aware of the risk involved in going to the supermarket to buy bottled mineral water during the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we are working tirelessly to ensure our bottled Water Delivery Service in Mallorca, covering the needs of all existing and future customers.
It is our moral duty as a bottled water delivery company to do our part in the fight against the Coronavirus. For this reason, during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, we will be operational to deliver quality bottled water to every home on the island (expect causes beyond our control).

Avoid unnecessary risks and Stay Home.

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Health and safety measures

Our Water Delivery Service stands out because we make sure that everything, from the production process to the final packaging, follows a rigorous quality control process. Besides, since the State of Emergency started, we are applying the strictest health and safety measures in every delivery. Such measures are:

  • Disposable gloves in every delivery.
  • Our delivery employees wear face masks.
  • Both hands and all those tools used during the delivery are sanitized with alcohol after each delivery.
  • All our water bottles are also sanitized with alcohol in every delivery.
  • There is no physical contact between our employees and our customers. To maintain at least 2-metre distance, we call our customers in advance so that they have time to leave their empty bottles at the door. By the time we arrive, we replace the empty bottles and show the order on our phone to make sure that everything is correct.
  • Our employees put on clean, disinfected clothing every day. They don’t wear the same clothes two days in a row.
  • Our vans undergo a strict disinfection protocol at the beginning of each working day.

Advantages of our service

Online orders

We have developed a web app where our customers are able to order online. The route day is always specified.

It is also possible to place an order via Whatsapp.

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Water Delivery Service | Water Delivery Mallorca
Water Delivery Service | Water Delivery Mallorca

Card payments

Payments can be made by card during delivery, since our employees always carry a payment terminal. By doing so, we avoid cash flow.

Water delivery throughout Mallorca

We guarantee the delivery of mineral bottled water to every home in Mallorca (expect causes beyond our control).

Water Delivery Service | Water Delivery Mallorca